A fun way to randomly choose different activities.

Have fun!

Interact with your friends and randomly choose from various activities.
Descargar With CHIBCHA , you can customize your activities and play roulette with your friends!

A roulette to decide everything!

Roulettes to define, who does what, who eats what, who drinks what, and customized roulettes, very practical for randomly choosing with your friends.

Who does it?

Play Chibcha!

You are hanging out with your friends and there's a task that not everyone wants to do, such as taking out the trash or going to the store. With MilDa, you can randomly assign who does it in a fun way.

What to do?

Play Chibcha!

You are hanging out with your friends and can't decide what activity to do. Chibcha can help you decide in a fun and random way.

Schedule your free time.

Play roulette and leave it to chance what to do when you have free time.

When you're bored and don't know what to do, playing roulette on CHIBCHA allows you to randomly choose an activity to do alone or with your friends.



Play roulette and decide what to do with your friends in your free time!

Enjoying to the fullest with CHIBCHA.