Discover the level of perversion in your relationship.

Without prejudices

Enjoying your sexuality to the fullest
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MILDA LOVE, Love and Freedom all Together!

MILDA Love is an application designed to discover what fantasies, dark and sometimes unknown intimate desires you share with your partner and that you would not dare to openly express.

¡How does it work!

It's very easy!

MILDA Love allows you to answer a series of questions like Would you dare to...? that will help you to release taboos and fears, sharing only the common answers with your partner.

What information is shared?

All answers are private

When you and your partner have a common interest, it will be visible to both of you. If you answer YES to a fantasy and your partner says NO, it will appear as if both of you said NO.

Do you have any doubts?

How does MILDA Love work?

It's simple. As soon as you have registered and logged in, you will find a section where you must select a questionnaire, which has a series of questions like 'How much would you like to do this sexual activity?' In each question, you assign a rating, and that rating is private. Only the preferences that match with your partner will be visible to the other person. By using the app, you can interact with your partner in a private way and explore new spaces of intimacy... After that, everything is up to you!

What can I do with MILDA Love?

With MILDA Love, you will have the possibility to interact with your partner by answering a series of erotic questionnaires and validating compatibility in sexual fantasies. Get to know your partner and their desires better, and once you both know the true limits of the relationship, it is up to the couple to take the risk to make them a reality.

Is MILDA Love for finding a partner?

NO, the app is designed to be played with your partner, and to discover which fantasies or activities you have in common. It is necessary to have a partner to play with MILDA Love.

How do I join?

It's very simple, you access MILDA Love, register which you can do through social networks or email. Once you have registered, you can log in and start the fun, keep in mind that your account and everything you enter in MILDA Love will not be visible to other users.


With MILDA PRO, you will get additional benefits. With the free version, you will have access to up to 2 questionnaires and can add one partner. This version contains ads. In the PRO version, you will have access to all questionnaires, and the number of partners you can link is unlimited, and it will be ad-free.

Break the limits!

Play and discover how far you can go with your partner, break down barriers without risking your image! All under an agile and secure platform whose main objective is to offer you discretion, lots of fun, and above all, satisfaction.

¡Dare, explore!

Download the app and ask your partner to download it too. Once you both respond to the questionnaires, you'll know which new fantasies you both have in common and can add them to your to-do list. Spice up your relationship and discover that things that you might find kinky or taboo, your partner might also desire. Dare to explore!

Your privacy is safe with MILDA.

Our main objective is Confidentiality.

Milda Love considers the confidentiality of your data as a priority. It ensures that the answers you have in common with your partner are only visible to them, and it safeguards any information that could compromise your intimacy. Only the information explicitly approved by you will be disclosed.



Discover the level of kinkiness in your relationship, without fear of prejudices.

Enjoying your sexuality to the fullest with your partner.